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Guangzhou Youchuangyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, we mainly sell refurbished laptops to global customers. was established in 2015. As a Refurbisher, our company mainly deals in electronic products and notebook computers. We have 500 square meters of working warehouse and 20 professional electronic engineers.

Guangzhou Youchuangyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd. purchases used laptops and desktops from large auction houses, recycling companies, brand owners, and listed companies. After professional testing and refurbishment, the equipment looks like new. The original components in the equipment are all from the original factory. For equipment that cannot be used normally, we will completely dispose of it and will not let it enter the market again.

Guangzhou Youchuangyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has a strong sense of social responsibility, actively responds to the global call for resource reuse, and is committed to environmental protection to reduce the harm of Electronic waste to the environment.

Guangzhou Youchuangyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd. provides high-quality refurbished laptops to global customer service. Our main businesses include HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, etc. In addition, we have an after-sales service team dedicated to solving various problems encountered by customers.

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E-mail: fengweidong@youchuangyiecommerce.com

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